Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Word of the Week Wednesday

Hello my ravs.  It is Word of the Week Wednesday again. I like Word of the Week Wednesday, it comes around every 7 days and there are so many wonderful words to explore.  If there is a word that you would like to have on Word of the Week Wednesday, send grandma-ma a comment with that word and I will use it on a future post.

Well, today's word of the week is very timely.  This weekend is the biggest sports event in our nation, do you know what sporting event that is?  Well, it is Super Bowl Sunday.  The two best American football teams will play against each other to see who has the best team for this year. So today's word of the week is:


Now, grampy had a very good observation.  The word "football" has two, very different meanings to different people.   This is an American football:

This is European or South American football or what Americans call a soccer ball:

This is an American football player.  They wear lots of protection like a helmet, pads and special shoes.  Then can run with the ball; they can throw the ball.

This is a soccer player.  They wear shorts and a shirt and special shoes. They cannot run with the ball, in fact they cannot touch it except for the goalie.  They can kick it with their feet and "header it" with their head.

A football is kicked through a tall, goal post on either side of the field.

A soccer ball is kicked into a net on either side of the field.

Did you know that both Jason and Aaron played football?  They played both American and European football and both played very well. Jason and Aaron liked to play soccer in the mud because they would get covered in mud and the other opposing team would be afraid of them. 

Here is another football fact, grandma-ma played soccer and "powder puff football" when she was in Junior High School.  Grampy played soccer for many years and was a good player.  I bet Kevin and Maura and Bryan also played soccer.  Let's see if they leave a comment and tell us.

So, be sure to use the word "football" in three sentences today.  Here is grandma-ma's first sentence.  "Grampy will watch the football game on TV this Sunday and grandma-ma will prepare football food."  I used the word football twice in one sentence.  Here is a picture of football food.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my football playing raviolis.  Grandma-ma

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Maura said...

I played soccer for one season, but was really bad at it! Brian played a little bit of both with his friends or gym class.

But, I really like Australian Rules Football! It's more like rugby, but is so much fun to watch!!