Saturday, February 27, 2010

Play Date for Grandma-ma

Good morning my Saturday raviolis.  Today is a play date for grandma-ma with Aunt Renee.  We have both been working very hard and grandma-ma is also over her bout with the flu so she is anxious to do a little antiquing, some Easter shopping, a trip to Goodwill for treasures and maybe a quick ride to Trader Joe's for blood oranges.  "Blood Oranges"!!!  What could those be, they don't sound very pretty or appetizing...or do they?

Well, they look like an orange on the outside, but a little smaller and some rinds have a distinct red color to them. 

But when you slice one open, now you can see why they are called a "Blood Orange." 
They are brilliant, deep red on the inside and the juice has a blood red look to it.  Why how wonderful.  Did you know that blood oranges also have a sweet taste with a hint of raspberry to them?  That is why grandma-ma loves to eat blood oranges and they also have a really cool name - blood orange.  They taste like raspberries and oranges - yummy.  And their juice is blood red - also neat!

Blood oranges are the sweetest and most flavorful of the orange fruit family.  And they are grown in the Mediterranean part of the world.  Three raviolis live in that part of the world where they grow and they are the most popular table orange in Italy.  The Tarocco (blood orange) is one of the world's most popular oranges because of its sweetness and juiciness. It has the highest Vitamin C content of any orange variety grown in the world, mainly on account of the fertile soil surrounding Mount Etna, and it is easy to peel.

The juice from a blood orange is also very good and you can smetimes find it in your grocery store.

You may be able to find these at your favorite grocery store as they are NOW in season.  If you have eaten a blood orange, let grandma-ma know with a comment.  Love to you all my ravs.  Grandma-ma 

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