Friday, February 12, 2010

Surprise for Grandma-ma

Hello my raviolis.  When grandma-ma got home from work yesterday, there was a surprise waiting for her. It was a long green and puce box with green and white writing on it.  It said, Pro Flowers.   Grandma-ma could not wait to open the box. She tossed her coat on the sofa, dropped her purse on the floor and left her laptop bag in the hallway...she had to get to that box.

Inside was a pretty vase and beautiful tulips.  Grandma-ma loves tulips and these were pink and white and red. 

At the bottom of the box was another surprise...a small box of chocolates - all for Valentines Day.  What a wonderful surprise, but who could have sent this to grandma-ma?  Could it be from Grampy?  NOOOO. Grampy always sends flowers to my office for Valentines Day.  Who could it be, who could it be?  So grandma-ma read the card enclosed and these beautiful tulips and tasty chocolates were from Italian raviolis.  Yes, from my four-cheese rav, my sweet sausage rav and my spinach pesto rav and their mommy and daddy. Thank you thank you thank you for thinking of grandma-ma on Valentines day.  They are beautiful, just like all of you.  Grandma-ma

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