Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magic Wands

Hello my magical raviolis.  I have learned that some of you are reading Harry Potter.  He is a character in one of my favorite book series and the boy who learns he has special gifts and attends a school for wizards. What fun adventures he has with his friends and they can do magic with their special magic wand or wizards stick.  That sounds like so much fun and I began to think about the type of wand they would have. 

This is a picture of Harry Potter's magic wand.  It looks like an old tree.  I like this wand, don't you?

This is Hermione Granger's magic wand.  It has a pretty trailing leaf and vine pattern.

Here is a pretty magic wand with crystals and wire at the bottom.  I like the way it looks, do you?

Here is a pretty wand cast in metal. 

If you carried a magic wand, what would your wand look like?  You can leave a comment to share with everyone.  Have a magical Sunday my ravs.  Hugs and kisses.  Grandma-ma


Anonymous said...

Dear Grandma-ma,
My wand would look like Hermione's. I really like Hermione because she is a cool girl! I love Harry Potter and I love Ron. xoxoxox kit kat

Anonymous said...

Dear Grandma-ma,
I would have the crystal want because it is beautiful!