Thursday, February 4, 2010

How High Can You Count?

Happy Thursday my raviolis.   When Grandma-ma was a little girl, she loved to do Connect the Dots.  This was a fun way for grandma-ma to color and count.  Here are a few counting and coloring activities that you can do on the blog or print out and count and color.  How high can you count?  Let grandma-ma know with a comment.

Here is a simple "connect the dots" to get you started.  CLICK on this link: On-line connect the dots and it will take you to on line connect the dots fun where you will click on the Connect the Dots button.  To play connect the dots on-line, you will click on the flashing green button and then move your mouse to the next number.

Can you count to 60?  Here is a Connect the Dots that has 60 numbers on it. Can you guess what the picture is?  You will need to print this one out and connect the dots with your crayons.  Click HERE to print it out.

Now, here is a super duper, lots of numbers, connect the dots.  This one can be tricky and you may need help from mom or dad or a friend.  It's fun to ask for help because then you have someone  working together with you.  I wish I was there to help you with these connect the dots.  CLICK HERE for this super duper smurfy connect the dots.

You will find this smurfy connect the dots along with many others to choose from and print out.   Have fun with counting and connecting the dots my raviolis.  Remember, grandma-ma loves you all very much. 

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