Monday, January 25, 2010

Carousel Ride

I was thinking of carousels this morning. Not sure why I started thinking about them, I just know that I like them. They are colorful, have pretty horses or other creatures and carriages that you can ride and old timey sounding organ music that plays. I like all of it.

I also like them because every horse, every creature or carriage is made by hand and usually carved from wood and then hand painted.  They are then lacquered to a shiny finish so they seem to sparkle.  But I think the best part of a carousel is when you go for a ride on them.  They start up slow and then pick up a little speed and you begin to feel the wind blowing in your face.  It is a magical ride, isn't it?

This is a pretty carved carousel horse.

Here is a short video of the world's largest carousel.  It has over 300 rides and they are all different animals, fairytale creatures and carriages. There are also no horses on this carousel ride.  How interesting.  There are millions of tiny lights all over it that makes it look like fairy tale to watch.  Sadly, you cannot ride on it as it is very old.  But wouldn't it be fun to take a spin on it?  I think so.   It is huge and grandma-ma has seen it a couple of times.  Both Jason and Aaron, when they were children, have also seen this carousel.  It is located in Wisconsin at a place called House on the Rock.

There is a small carousel near grandma-ma and grampy. A certain four cheese ravioli, when she was a three cheese rav has ridden this carousel.  Here is a video of her riding it. 

Can you spot the four cheese ravioli and her mommy?  When you come to visit grandma-ma and grampy in Atlanta, we will take you to this carousel so you may go for a ride on it too. 

Have a wonderful Monday, my raviolis and think of carousels and the wind gently blowing in your faces.  Hugs and carousel kisses.  Grandma-ma

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