Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things in Grandma-ma's house

Good morning my raviolis!  Today is a rainy Sunday so I thought I would do another post on things in grandma-ma's house.  If you walk into the living room you will find Grampy reading in his chair.  You will find Kota sleeping on the carpet and if you look up to the ceiling not only will you find lights but you will see a broom hanging from the ceiling.  WHAT???? a broom you say!

Yes,  this wonderful old broom is from the 1930s and I had no room in my kitchen for it so I thought, where would be the perfect place for such a perfect broom?  Well, if I was a Halloween witch I would want to ride it and fly through the air.  If I was Harry Potter, I would want to ride it when I played Quittage.  So the perfect place for this perfect broom was hanging it perfectly well from my living room ceiling.

Of course, grandma-ma's broom doesn't fly, but wouldn't it be fun if it really did fly?  Why, if Grandma-ma's broom could fly, she would fly to visit each and ever one of you.  That would be fun magic, don't you think?

Love to all my raviolis and remember to enjoy the day and be good to those you love and those you meet.  Grandma-ma


Anonymous said...

I love flying brooms grandma-ma. I wish I could fly up in the air on one. My broom would be purple and pink with sparkles. I love your broom grandma-ma because it is so beautiful.
xoxox your 4 cheese rav

One Vintage Hag said...

LOVE your other blog... what a great treasure for your raviolis.
~one vintage hag