Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's National Marzipan Day!

Greetings my raviolis!  Did you know that today is known as National Marzipan Day?  I bet you have all seen Marzipan candy but didn't know it was Marzipan.  Marzipan is an almond and sugar paste used to ice cakes and other pastries. But what grandma-ma likes about marzipan is that it can be shaped into a variety of shapes and can then be eaten as candy or used as cake decorations. Look at these wonderful pictures of shaped marzipan candies.  They look like real fruits and pigs. 

Yes, these are marzipan candy and they look just like the real thing.  Aunt Renee loves marzipan candy and so does Uncle Aaron!

How sweet are these little oinkers. Too cute to eat, but I think I would take a big bite of one anyway. 

I know the raviolis who are living in Italy see Marzipan candy everywhere.  The Italians love to make marzipan sweets.  See how pretty they look in this bowl? 

You can pretend to make marzipan candy using playdough...but don't eat it.  Playdough is not good for eating.  It is good for sculpting things and pretending to make marzipan candy.

Here is a picture of a PRETEND lollipop made with Play Dough.

Have a wonderful day my ravs and remember, Grandma-ma and Grampy love you. 


Renee said...

Dear Kaitlyn,

I loved Marzipan when I was a little girl about your age. Our Uncle Miles would bring me tiny boxes of marzipan fruits. I would love to look at them and play with them. Sometimes I would eat them and other times I would just play with them.

I love you. Kiss your brother and sister for me, and Mommy too!

Aunt Renee
Shhhhhhh...don't wake the sleeping monster.

Anonymous said...

Hi I love vegatarian ravioli...Lovely blog...I did try email address again but came back as failed...Have a good week...