Friday, January 15, 2010

Freaky Friday

Hello my raviolis.  Yes, it feels like Freaky Friday for grandma-ma.

Guess what grandma-ma did?  She did something silly and now the raviolis must come to the rescue and help her out of her silly mess.  Grandma-ma shipped off two packages, one to the raviolis in Italy and the other to the raviolis in Denver. Well silly grandma-ma accidentally switched the shipping labels and you guessed it.  The box for the raviolis in Italy is now in the hands of the raviolis in Denver and the box for the raviolis in Denver is on its way to the raviolis in Italy. 

What is grandma-ma to do?  Well, Aaron and Cristi have already received the Italian raviolis box and have put everything back in the box and are sending it to the raviolis in Italy. Thank you Aaron and Cristi. 

 Now I have to ask that the Italian raviolis to not open the box from Grandma-ma and just re label it for Denver so the Denver raviolis will get their box.

Grampy says that this couldn't be helped because grandma-ma is a blonde.  Grandma-ma is so embarrassed and hopes that the cookies that she sent to Jason in Afghanistan are not really going to friends in Puerto Rico now.

Have a wonderful day my ravs and be on the lookout for the correct boxes coming soon.  Hugs and Kisses that never get lost in the mail from Grandma-ma

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