Monday, January 4, 2010

Chilly Monday

Good morning my "chilly" raviolis.  Well, maybe you are not chilly, but here in Atlanta, we are having a very cold two weeks.  With temperatures in the teens for days and another week expected, your Grandma-ma is sitting around with big socks on and a blanket.  Grampy is wearing his sweatshirt and has the hoodie on his head to keep his ears warm and we are still in the house.  Since it is cold, I thought I would share pictures of cold weather activities.

Here is a picture of Uncle Aaron ice climbing somewhere in Colorado or Utah.  I can never keep up with where he is next.  This looks like fun but too cold for me.

Here is a picture of Squirt refusing to come out of the sleeping bag on a chilly, Colorado morning.  I think Squirt is a very smart dog, don't you?  

Stay warm my happy little raviolis and be on the look out for a little package that is coming your way.  Love to all of you, Grandma-ma

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