Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Word of the week Wednesday

Happy Wednesday my raviolis.  It's word of the week Wednesday and today's word is brought to you by Grandma Lynn.  Grandma is busy cleaning out her basement as she and Grandpa have workmen coming to do some work there.  Everything that is in the basement must be moved out in order for the workmen to do their job.  Grandma is busy sorting things that she wants to keep and things that can be donated to local charities. The things that Grandma keeps are moving into a special container and that is our word of the week.  That word is:


Yes, "POD," which means the vessel that contains seeds just like in the pea "pod" below. 

Inside of the pod are little peas.  Do you recognize these little peas sitting in a pod?

Or how about these silly "peas" in a pod?

A pod can also be a metal container.  This is the pod that Grandma is using to temporarily store her things.

This is a lot of work.  Grandpa says if Grandma does not get the pod filled, he will put Grandma in the pod.  Here is Grandma hiding in a box from Grandpa.

I wonder what Grandma is going to put in the pod. 
Let's guess and then Grandma can tell us if we guessed correctly.  Grandma-ma thinks Grandma is going to put chairs in the pod.  Is grandma-ma correct Grandma?

Now you can guess using the comment link below.  Don't forget to use the word "POD" in three sentences today.  I love you my happy peas in a "POD".  Grandma-ma


Grandma said...

Great picture of me! Was I drinking that day? Grandma- ma there are no chairs in the pod.

Sea Witch said...

Grampy thinks that Grandma is putting clothes in the pod. Is Grampy correct?

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn and mommy think grandma is filling it with treasure!