Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello my raviolis.  It is Sunday evening and Grandma-ma is finally getting caught up with her chores before she has to go back to work tomorrow. I moved all of the photos that I took while in Mexico to a new folder and found the photos I took of some of the fireworks that were sent up in the front of our hotel.  Remember, you can click on the photos anad they will get larger so you can look at the fireworks closely.

Lots of bright red colors.

This one started out gold and then became lots of colors.

This is Grandma-ma's favorite.  It was a bright gold firework with a silver ring around it. They looked like stars.

I thought this one was neat because right after the big explosion a second little explosion occurred and we saw a second firework in side the first.

Did you have fierworks where you live? If so, leave a comment and tell me. I would like to know how many of my raviolis saw fireworks on New Years Eve.

I hope you have a wonderful day today my happy raviolis.  For those of you who start school, be sure and do your very best.  It will open many doors of opportunity for you.  Love Grandma-ma and Grampy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi grandma-ma,
happy new year. The fireworks you saw were really cool! Mommy let me stay up late to celebrate the new year and I was able to see lots and lots of beautiful fireworks. I had so much fun. Connor and Kelsey were to sleepy to stay up to celebrate, but maybe next year. love u lots your 4 cheese reavioli