Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Word of the week Wednesday

Good morning my Wednesday Raviolis.  Yes, today is word of the week Wednesday and today's words is brought to you by Maura!

Maura is Grampy's daughter and is married to Brian.  Both Maura and Brian like to travel, love tea and speak several langauges.  Maura is sharing one of her favorite Korean's words which is:


It has two syllables and sounds like "chin-cha". The reason Maura likes it is that it sounds cool and its meaning is easy to understand. You can use it anytime you want to say the word "really".

So if someone tells you "Grandma-ma is a mermaid."  You can say Jincha? Which means, "Oh really?"

You can also use it to say something is really big, really fun, or really delicious. If you want to tell your mom that her cooking was really delicious you can say in Korean,
"Jincha mah see saw yo!"  

So my raviolis, you must use the word "Jincha" today in three sentences.  Yes, you "jincha" must use this word in three sentences today.
Have fun my ravs and stay warm.  Love to all of you and thank you Maura for your wonderful word.  Jincha!!! 

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