Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Schoolhouse Rock

Hello my rockin raviolis.  Thirty-seven years ago this week, ABC television, during Saturday morning cartoons, introduced one the most loved educational commercials for children everywhere.  It was called Schoolhouse Rock and your grandma-ma and grampy and Aunt Renee  and your mommy and daddy all grew up on these fun songs. 

My favorite cartoon was from Grammar Rock and it was about interjections.  It is a fun, upbeat and snappy song and I hope you will enjoy it as much as grandma-ma.   Grandma-ma still knows all of the words and was singing along to it too.   (remember to turn off the other music before you play the videos.)

Interjections, shows excitement, shows emotion!

Here is another video that is about our nation's history.  This is another favorite of grandma-ma's.

It is called, "No More Kings."

and of course everyone remembers, "Nouns, a person, place or thing."

So my Raviolis (noun), grandma-ma (noun) sends hugs and kisses (both nouns) to you (PROnoun...but that's another song).

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