Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lunch surprise!

Good afternoon my raviolis. Do you like surprises for lunch? Grampy does.  His favorite lunch surprise is when I bring home Chick Fil A.
Grampy likes the chicken sandwich with the pickles and mayo and also puts catsup on the waffle fries.

But his favorite is the home made lemonade they serve.  Grampy asks for a big cup with NO ice in it. That way he can have a full cup full of this tasty lemonade.

But mostly, grandma-ma and grampy like the Chick Fil A cows. 

They are funny and always wear interesting costumes.

Some Chick Fil A's have a cow truck.  The restaurant near grandma-ma's work has one and it is always parked just out front of their restaurant. Do you think the cows drove it over there?

How funny is this truck?  Now, I know of a ravioli's mommy who loves cows. I bet she would enjoy driving around in the Chick Fil A cow truck  Wouldn't you? Have a wonderful day my ravs and as the cow's say, Eat More Chicken!  Hugs and kisses.  Grandma-ma

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