Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Music for my Raviolis

Hello raviolis.  I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  Did you notice that Grandma-ma had changed the music out for the new year?  I chose songs that I have always liked and thought you may enjoy them too.  Some of them you may recognize and others may be new to you.  One of my favorite songs is by John Denver called Grandma's Featherbed.  It is a lively and fun song and if you listen carefully you will hear about all of the people you can find in Grandma's Featherbed.

Here is the video of John Denver singing with the muppets.
(don't forget to turn off the music on the playlist so you can hear the video)

Sweet dreams my raviolis and check to see if their are four hound dogs and a piggy in your bed tonight!  Love to all of you, Grandma-ma

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