Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Word of the Week Wednesday

Good morning my happy, go lucky raviolis!  Yes, it's Wednesday and that means a new word is featured.  Today's word is offered up by a guest poster...Aunt Renee, and today's word is:


A "feline" is noun and means a "member of the cat family."

So a lion is a feline, a tiger is a feline, Madison is a feline, Peaches is a feline and sometimes "Aunt Renee" is a feline.  Here is a picture of Aunt Renee pretending to be a kitten for Halloween.  Do you see her kitty ears? 

Grandma-ma took this photo of Aunt Renee and our waiter wearing the monster mask at our favorite Mexican restaurant over Halloween.  Everybody wore a mask or costume.

Here is a famous feline popping out to say hello.  Yes, the Pink Panther is also a feline.

Here are pictures of other famous "felines" that you may know.

This is Mr. Snoops. He lived with Aunt Renee for many years.  He was a big kitty and loved to eat.  He liked sitting on the scale waiting for his food.  He is almost 20 pounds.

Shhhhhhh.  Sweet Peaches is sleeping. 
Peaches is as soft as a cloud and is Aunt Renee's feline.

This is Zima-zoo.  He is the white kitty that adopted Aunt Renee.  This feline wants in Aunt Renee's house because it is chilly outside.  I think she will bring him in to warm up, don't you?

Madison is a feline who likes to sleep in baskets all around her house.  Madison lives in Italy with a four-cheese ravioli.

Every little feline wants to grow up to be a big, beautiful lion. 

So listen to Aunt Renee, the happy feline, and use this word in three sentences today.  Hugs and kisses to all my raviolis.  Grandma-ma

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