Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Friday

Hello my Friday Raviolis!  Did you know that 51 years ago today, Walt Disney released the animated feature film, Sleeping Beauty? 

Here is the first movie poster every printed for Sleeping Beauty. 

Here is today's poster for Sleeping Beauty. It is full of color and action.

Grandma-ma thinks that these three fairy godmothers are funny and very protective of Sleeping Beauty.

But Grandma-ma likes Malificent best.  She thinks that this is the best villian that Walt Disney every created.  She is beautiful, she wears a long black gown with a purple and pink lining.  She has green skin and ruby red lips and carries a long walking stick and has a raven for a pet.  She uses a spinning wheel and so does Grandma-ma.   Yes, grandma-ma likes Malificent.

The prince awakens Sleeping Beauty with a kiss after her long, 100 years sleep.

Sleeping Beauty is pretty and happy to be awake.  She is walking in the garden with her favorite animal friends.  I like the story of Sleeping Beauty.  It has a princess and a prince, a kingdom to be saved, lots of magical faries, an evil fairy queen, helpful animals, dragons and a happy ending.  Just like a good fairy tale should. 

Grandma-ma has seen this movie in the theater when she was a little girl.  She has seen in it on VH tape when Jason and Aaron were little boys and she has seen it on DVD with her four cheese ravioli. Grandma-ma is older then the movie by 5 years...can you guess how old Grandma-ma is?   If you have the DVD of Sleeping Beauty, you should watch it this weekend to celebrate 51 years of this movie.  Love to you all my raviolis. Grandma-ma

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