Sunday, December 13, 2009

Damp and Rainy Sunday

BRRRRRR!  My Raviolis.  It is Sunday morning and if I look outside it is rainy, grey and cold.  A perfect day for lighting a fire in the fireplace, make some sipping hot chocolate and watching movies.  So that is what Grampy and I will do today.  Kota is eating his chewy and later today will get a bath because he now smells like wet coyote.  Kota does not like to get a bath, but once he is in the water he is fine.  After I dry him off he will be a fluffy dog and will sit by the fire to dry off.

All of this cold, damp weather reminds me of the trip I took with Grampy to New England this October.  It was a fun trip but it was cold and damp and rainy many of the days.  Grandma-ma had to layer lots of clothing, and even wear socks in her shoes.  Grandma-ma only likes to wear her bathing suit in the water or a pretty sundress in the sun.

This is a picture of the sun going down after a cold, wet day.  Grampy and I drove all over the White Mountain range and it was very pretty with lots of fall leaves, but it was windy and cold and wet.

A few times the sun would come out and the sky would be bright blue.  This made all of the autumn leaves look pretty.

Grandma-ma was taking pictures looking up at the sky and she liked the way these pine branches looked against an October blue sky.

Grampy and I saw an apple orchard open so we stopped in and bought fresh picked apples that were ripe and juicy and crunchy when you bit into them.  They were very tasty.  Grandma-ma asked if they had fresh cider donuts (grampy's favorite).  They did, so we bought a bag of donuts to eat as we drove. 

Stay warm and happy, my raviolis and know that you are loved.  Hugs and kisses from Grandma-ma and Grampy.

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