Monday, December 21, 2009

Shiny gold coins for the holidays

Hello my happy raviolis!  When grandma-ma was a little girl, she celebrated both Christmas and Chanukah (Hanukkah).  We had a Christmas tree, stockings and Santa Clause but we also had gelt.  Gelt or "money" would be put in our stockings by my mom and dad when I was a little girl.    During Chanukah it is customary to give gelt (money) to children to teach them to do good deeds and give to charity (for those who are not as fortunate as we were.)  The gelt we received were shiny gold coins that held chocolate candy inside.  They were pretty and fun to look at and good to eat.

Grandma-ma always has gelt for her raviolis.  So be on the look out for a package that will have gelt in it.   Remember to put them in your stocking and on Christmas day you may open them and share with those you love.  Have a wonderful Monday, my ravs and know that grandma-ma and grampy love you all very much. 

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