Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Terrific Tuesday!!!

Hello my raviolis!  It is Terrific Tuesday, the second day of your school week and a great day to make paper snowflakes.  The weathermen on ther news channels are all talking about the big winter storm that is coming our way.  Can you think of a better reason why we should make paper snowflakes?  Well maybe because they are just fun to make so let's create our own snowstorm with snowflakes we make ourselves.  So, here are 7 easy steps to make your own paper snowflakes and each one will be different...just like real snowflakes. You will need paper, scissors (be sure to let mom or dad know that you will be cutting or perhaps you may need some help with that part of the project), a medium size plate, and a pencil or pen to draw on the folded paper.

Lay your plate on the paper and trace a circle around it with the pencil or pen.

Next cut the circle out and fold in half.  It should look like a half moon.

Now fold the half moon in half so it looks like a fan.

Fold it one more time so it looks like a cone.  That makes three folds that you have made from the original cut out circle.

Using your pen or pencil, draw a ragged like border around the two long, straight sides of the folded paper.  Look carefully at this picture as you can see the squiggles are along the edge.

You will now cut out the center of the border and remove.

Carefully unfold your paper and it will reveal a lovely snowflake for you to put in your windows or hang on your tree.  You can even add glitter or color them if you would like.

This snowflake pattern is from the crafty folks at craftideas.com where you can find lots of fun things to make.

I hope you enjoy making pretty snowflakes and if you do, have someone take a picture of them, send the digital photos to me and I will will post them on this blog so others can see the pretty flakes you have made.  Chilly kisses and toasty to hugs to raviolis everywhere.

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