Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reindeer Fun!

Happy Tuesday my Raviolis!  With Christmas just around the corner, Santa is making sure his reindeer are ready for the trip around the globe on Christmas Eve.  Grandma-ma loves reindeer because of their big and pretty antlers.  This is a very happy reindeer and he is giving you a big Christmas smile.

Reindeer are work animals and they love to pull sleighs and wagons.  Did you know that both the male and female reindeer grow antlers?  They also have their antlers for several months and after they fall off new ones grow back.  Reindeer live where it is cold and snowy. They have special fur that keeps them warm. Next to their skin, reindeer have thick, woolly fur. During the summer, the fur thins out so the reindeer will be cooler.  Kota sheds a winter coat every spring too, just like the reindeer.

Reindeer have hooves that spread out when they walk on them.   There hooves work just like snowshoes so they stay on top of the snow rather than falling into the snow drifts. They also use their hooves to find food beneath the snow.  Reindeer travel in large herds from place to place to find food.

This is a large, male reindeer.  He has a big snowy mane and is very strong.  Strong enough to pull a sleigh don't you think?

This is a sweet baby reindeer.  He has a furry nose and curious eyes.  I see his mother in the background.  Her antlers are soft as velvet at this stage.  They are not very big yet but will soon grow to be a very large size by winter time.

Everyone knows this little reindeer. He lives with the Grinch. Is this a real reindeer or a doggie in disguise?

Grandma-ma likes this illustration of a Christmas reindeer.  Can you see how his hooves are splayed (spread) out?  Now you can see how they work like snowshoes.  He even has some happy chipmunk friends on his green saddle blanket and lots of joyful bells at his neck.

Click this Reindeer LINK to open up a reindeer coloring page.  You can print it out and color the reindeer for your Christmas decorating. 

Have a wonderful day my raviolis and enjoy the reindeer facts from Grandma-ma.  Hugs and kisses to you all. 

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