Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Under the Sea

Good morning my ravioli's.  Grandma-ma is sorry that she did not get this posted yesterday.  She had to clean  her dive equipment and then get pictures ready for you.  I hope you enjoy these pretty pictures of some of the fish we saw under the water in Cancun.  (if you double click on each picture they will get bigger.)

Look at all of these pretty fish.  These are in the grunt family.   There were hundreds of them.

This pretty French Angelfish is the size of a dinner plate.

More pretty fish swimming around their coral reef.

Closeup of a grunt against a large coral head.

Grandma-ma loves this picture of the bright corals with all of the fish.

So many grunt fish following us.

Pretty little baby Blue Tang.  He is only about 4 inches in length.

This is a happy Trunkfish and measures about 12 inches in length.

I hope you enjoyed these fishy pictures.  Grandma-ma will have some interesting pictures soon.  Love to you all.  Grandma-ma.

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