Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A ravioli not feeling well

Hello my raviolis.  I learned yesterday that our 4-cheese ravioli is not feeling well.  She had to also miss her Christmas concert so she is feeling sad too.  I found some fun videos that I hope will make her feel better.  The first one is by everyone's favorites...The Muppets.  They are singing the Ukranian carole, Ring Christmas Bells. 

Now this is not a Christmas video, but it is a Grandma Spongebob cartoon that I hope you enjoy.

and finally, a video of happy little monsters doing a silly monster rendition of Jingle Bells:

If any visitors to this blog stop by, please leave a message for our 4-cheese ravioli in the comment section.

Please get well soon sweet Kit Kat.  Grandma and Grandpa will soon be there and you will have lots of fun with them. Hugs and Kisses to you.  Grandma-ma


Anonymous said...

My dearest Kit Kat Doodly Doo!

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well and that you missed your Christmas concert. Even though you missed the concert, I know there is singing in your heart. In fact, I hear your heart singing Jingle Bells!

I hope you get well soon -- you need lots of rest and remember, don't---wake---the---monster!

I love you very much.

Aunt Renee (the sleeping monster)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaitlyn,
I hope you are feeling super duper really soon. I mailed presents to you, Connor, and Kelsey today. Your shopping bag is the BIGGEST!!!!! E-mail me when you get the goodies. Love, Cousin Linda P.S. My broken elbow is all better. My white dog, Princess Daisy, sends you hugs and kisses.