Thursday, December 10, 2009

Geese and fish frolics

Hello my raviolis!  I work on a pretty campus with a big pond and lots of green grass and trees.  We have flocks of Canadian Geese that like to swim in the pond and stop traffic at 5:00 pm every evening.  Yes, every day around "quitting time" the geese form a long line, a goosy parade, and upon reaching the top of the hill they begin to cross the street to get to a different feeding ground.  The short video below is taken by grandma-ma in her car as she is trying to leave work and get home to grampy.

Grandma-ma has a pet Siamese Fighting Fish in a small tank on her shelf at work.  Deefo is a pretty blue fish that loves to look around at the people walking by.  Here is a short video of him eating his morning meal.  Deefo was a gift from Aunt Renee to Grandma-ma.

Enjoy these little videos my huggable ravs and look for another post tomorrow. Have a terrific or better yet, a splendid day! 

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