Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Word of the Week Wednesday!

Hello my raviolis!  Yes, it is "word of the week Wednesday" and today's word is:


Yes, Pancake, that wonderful word that makes you think of breakfast, warmth and family.  The word "pancake" is a noun (person, place or thing) and  means "a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle."  Everyone I know loves pancakes.  Grampy and Aunt Karen like blueberry pancakes.

Aunt Renee likes Pigs In a Blanket pancakes. These are pancakes that are rolled around a sausage and lined up on a plate like pigs in blankets.

Grandma-ma likes her pancakes prepared "Jersey" style
That is when you use butter on the griddle rather then margarine or oil to prepare your pancakes.  Butter heats faster so it gives the pancake a crusty brown edge and fills the pancake with a butter taste.  Sometimes, Grandma-ma will crumble crisp maple bacon in the batter too. 

 Here is a secret about Grandma-ma...she doesn't like syrup.  NOOOOOO, you say.  Well that is true.  Grandma-ma only puts melted butter on her pancakes, no confectionary sugar, no syrups, no jelly.  Just butter.   Grampy thinks she is silly because he loves to pour maple syrup on his pancakes.

Now, I understand that all of my raviolis enjoy pancakes but like them best when they are in a special shape like a "happy face" or a "monkey" or  a "heart".  What shape do you like to have your pancakes in?  You can leave  a comment on this post and tell everyone. 

What a sunny looking, happy face pancake.

Yummy looking jungle pancakes in the shape of an elephant, a monkey and a lion. 

Grandma-ma does not know why anyone would put a pancake on a bunny's head.  Do you?  I just think it is a funny picture.

Now, remember to use the word "pancake" in three different sentences today so you will never forget it.  Here are grandma-ma's three sentences:

1.  Grandma-ma enjoys a pancake with her eggs for breakfast.
2.  The cat laid as flat as a pancake on the grass to hide from the dog.
3.  Why does that bunny have pancakes on his head?

Have a wonderful Wednesday my raviolis and remember to eat your pancakes.  They are good for you.  Hugs and kisses and love from Grandma-ma.

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