Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eggy Bread for Breakfast

Hello my raviolis.  Today I want to share the family "Eggy Bread" recipe.  Jason and Aaron grew up making and eating Eggy Bread.  It is easy to make, good to eat and will warm your belly with goodness.   Many people confuse this with French Toast.  This is made a little differently and is must tastier. So grab some eggs, butter and any kind of bread you like.Today, I used left over French Bread.  Day old french bread actually makes wonderful Eggy Bread.  It can be hard and crusty on the outside and even a little dry on the inside, but it will cook up nice and fluffy.

I used two, large eggs and beat them senseless.  Well not senseless, but until they were well mixed.  You then dip the slices of bread in the egg mixture and put in a heated frying pan or skillet. Make sure you have butter melted in the pan before your drop the slices in.

This part goes pretty quickly.   The heat should be about medium and after about a minute on one side, flip the bread to the other and let it also fry for about one minute.

Here is grampy's plate full of freshly made,hot eggy bread with blueberry syrup poured all over it.  You can also shake some powdered sugar on them or your favorite syrup. Now Grandma-ma likes her's plain with a little salt and freshly cracked pepper.  If you recall on last Wednesday's post where we talked about pancakes, I shared a secret about me.  Grandma-ma does not like sugar or syrup so I use salt and pepper instead.  

Eggy bread is easy to make and fun to eat and it's very good for you.  You can have it for breakfast or any time you feel like it.  Have a wonderful day, my raviolis.  Hugs and eggy bread kisses. 

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