Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Iguana's in the sun.

Hello again my raviolis!  Grandma-ma and Grampy will be leaving very early in the morning tomorrow to take a bus and a ferry boat to Cozumel to go diving so I wanted to leave this video for you tonight.  When I come back tomorrow evening, I will have a Word of the Week Wednesday for you... but for now you have two postings in one day.

This neat looking guy was snoozing on a temple base in Tulam.  He came down to see us and I coaxed him over to me.  He would only get about 8 feet from me so I zoomed in on hime and made a little video.  It is a little shaky because so many people kept bumping into me to see what I was doing. 

Here is a picture of him. 

 He was not really big, about 2 feet in length.  After about 2 minutes, he turned around and crawled back up the stone ruins and  began to lay in the sun again.

Have a wonderful day my ravs and be good.  Grandma-ma

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