Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things in my house.

Hello my happy raviolis!  Today is a cold, wet and chilly day.  But not as cold and snowy as other places in the United States this weekend.    Look at all of the snow that has dropped in this community.  They are trying to dig out and this man decided to jump into a big pile of snow instead.

Today I thought I would share something in my house with you.  With all of the snow falling in so many places, I thought I would show you the old snowshoes that hang on the foyer wall in Grandma-ma's and Grampy's house.  These shoes are over 100 years old and when I was a little girl, my mommy found them in a thrift store in Stillwater, Minnesota in the 1960s.  She knew they were old and she also liked antiques like Grandma-ma.  She was a very good shopper and paid 50 cents for them.  Even a candy bar costs more than that today.

These snowshoes are made from bent wood and sinew that is woven in a six-pointed star pattern.   I think that the woven star pattern is very pretty, do you?  They are about 30 inches in length and about 11 inches wide and still very sturdy  They could be worn today if we ever needed to use them. (I don't think that would ever happen in Atlanta).

Did you know that one of the earliest ways people moved across snow was by using snowshoes similiar to the snowshoes that Grandma-ma has on her wall? Archaeologists say that snowshoes were used over 12,000 years ago.

Here is a postcard showing an Eskimo girl using her snowshoes.  There are many different types of snowshoes, some are very long and others are as round as a pizza.  Different snow walkers made different kinds of snowshoes that worked best for the kind of snow pack they would walk on.

Here is a drawing of different kinds of snowshoes made and worn by Eastern American Indian tribes.  They come in many different styles and shapes.

These children are all wearing snowshoes as they take a snowy walk.  They look similar to the antique snowshoes but are now made from plastics and they use pretty colors.

Did you know that Uncle Aaron has snowshoes that he wears when he goes winter camping and climbing?  Well he does.  I wonder what color his snow shoes are? I'm going to guess yellow so he can see them against the white snow.  If Uncle Aaron is reading this, will you please tell us what color your snowshoes are?  You can leave a comment and then we can read what the color is.

This is not Uncle Aaron but I bet he looks like this with his camping gear and snowshoes. 

Stay warm my huggable ravs and have a wonderful Sunday.  Grandma-ma

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Uncle Aaron said...

Hello followers of "The Mom Everyone Deserves" blog. This is uncle Aaron, I would like to tell you about my snow shoes. I own a pair of MSR Denali snow shoes. They are made of durable black plastic and metal. On the bottom is a row of sharp teeth called crampons. These are used to give grip when walking over ice coverd snow or when the wind packs down the top layer of snow. Sometimes the wind packed layer will be as hard as cement,that is why I have crampons on the bottom of my snow shoes. If you have any questions at all about snow shoes please blog to me on here! Much love to all from this happy family!